Thursday, August 30, 2007

library related blogs/new feeds

I found that I like Librarians internet index the most of all the "reference" type news feeds.

I am "finished" but want to keep learning!

I have really enjoyed learning all the new (or at least new to me) technologies available to me through the internet. I plan to review what I've learned and keep learning more! Lifetime learning is the best!

downloadable audiobooks

I learned that there are more free resources for e books out there! NetLibrary is a great resource for library card holders at this library. Project Gutenberg is something new to me! What a great idea!

ueful search tools- podcasts

I found Merlin to be helpful when wading through the uncharted waters of podcasts. I found out that the Denver public library has cool kids books that are now podcasts, such as Silly Sally. I'm wondering if people will eventually give away their television sets and stay premanently fixed in front of their computer screens.

web 2.0 awards list

I found this to be a really fun site and I accessed some cool art sites and something called "Ning"
There is just sooomuch out there to see and the possibilities seem endless!! No one should ever feel alone- there's a lot of social networking out there. And of course, it's a good way to share ideas.

online productivity

This was a good reminder that I could use the new technology for templates- invitations, fact sheets,etc. Maybe I could finally set up a budget using a spreadsheet.... now the question is if I could stick to it.....


I liked playing in the sandbox! The whole concept helped me be more creative and explore new topics! I jumped in a dog sandbox and put my 2 cents in about how great labs are!